Public Adjusters in Florida

Public Adjusters in Florida

Did you know that there are multiple areas nationwide that are prone to experiencing extensive storm surge damage? Several of them are located in South Florida because of the region’s geography. Those areas include Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Palm Beach.

According to a recent study by the group CoreLogic, it is not uncommon for surges in those areas to reach 15 feet. Of course that is not even taking into account storm tides, which may be in excess of 20 feet at times. Together, they have the potential to cause an estimated $380 billion dollars in damages each year.

That’s not even the worse of it. In the State of Florida, many homeowners’ insurance policies are complicated to understand do not include . Thus, South Florida’s property owners must often seek supplemental insurance elsewhere. Unfortunately, that supplemental coverage may also be limited and hard to understand. For example, some of the policies may not cover flood damage unless it impacts more than 2 acres of property and includes tidal waters.

At this moment, you may be wondering “What should South Floridians do in the event of a storm surge to ensure that they are made whole?” In short, the best option is to seek out the services of . That’s because public adjusters in Florida make it a point to look out for South Floridians’ best interests after a storm surge. They can help you file your storm surge claim and fight for the maximum award allowed. Furthermore, they can also assist with the reopening of previous storm surge claims where you may have not been treated fairly.

To learn more about and how they can help you recover after a storm surge,  Equitable Public Adjusters & Appraisers by calling 1-877-869-8989. We have more than five decade’s worth of experience in handling storm related claims in Florida, New York and New Jersey.