Get The Best Out of Your Theft and Vandalism Claim – Hire Equitable Public Adjusters!

Every day, a homeowner in the US has to deal with theft and vandalism. If you have also been hit by a criminal who has destroyed or damaged your property, file an insurance claim as soon as possible. Most  insurance policies include vandalism and theft, but in order to get enough money to cover for the repairs and losses, you have to make sure you do not destroy the evidence of the crime by trying to clean up the mess. Both the police and your insurance company must know exactly what has been destroyed or stolen.

So, the first thing you must do after you discover your property has been vandalized is to call the police. The police will make sure the criminals are caught and prosecuted!

The second thing is calling a public adjuster! A public adjuster will make sure you get enough money from your insurance company to repair what has been destroyed.

Equitable Public adjusters are ready to answer your call and come to assess the loss you have suffered. We will be there for you and help you file a theft and vandalism claim in order to get the damage to your property repaired.

Why hire us? Because we offer:

  • Over 50 years of experience in helping clients win their insurance claims
  • Expert support with preparing and presenting the necessary documentation for your claim
  • Vast knowledge in assessing the losses suffered and the value of your property
  • Professionalism, trustworthiness and commitment to fighting for your best interests
  • The skill and knowledge about filing a new claim or reopening an old one and collecting the money you deserve from your insurance company
  • Expert help during the negotiations with the insurance company
  • The promise that you will enjoy maximum settlement for your theft and vandalism claim
  • A fair guarantee – if we don’t collect for you, you do not have to pay us!


The reliable specialists at Equitable Public Adjusters will do everything possible to help you get the best out of your claim and prevent your insurance company from underpaying you. We guarantee that we will bring you more money than what you could ever get by filing an insurance claim on your own.

Let the police punish the criminal, and allow us to collect the money you need to cover your loss! Choose Equitable Public Adjusters, because our expertise is all you need to win your theft and vandalism claim!