Plumbing Leak Damage?

Hire Equitable Public Adjusters to Maximize Your Recovery!

If you have experienced a sudden plumbing break, you should file a claim with your insurance company so that you can cover the costs of repairing the damage. Beware that your insurance company might only agree to pay for the repairs of the broken pipe, ignoring the damages caused to your property by the flood.  If you have agreed to the settlement, but think you deserved more than you received, don’t worry! Hire our reputable public adjusters, and we will reopen your claim and collect all the additional money your insurer owes you.

Equitable Public Adjusters has a long experience in documenting, filing and negotiating insurance claims. In more than 50 years of activity, our adjusters have helped numerous homeowners get fair amounts from their insurance company. We will do the same for you, making sure your insurance company pays you exactly what you are entitled to for fixing the plumbing leak damage.

No matter the problem you have experienced – accidental leaks, broken pipes or overflow, our experienced public adjusters will collect all the money you need to cover the damage to your property.

Our promise to you:

  • Support with reviewing the coverage of your insurance policy
  • Support with assessing the damage caused. We will meet with the adjuster from your Insurance Company and review the damage to your property, so that you can receive fair amounts of money to cover all the repairs
  • Support with preparing and submitting your claim – we have thorough knowledge of the technical and financial aspects of filing a winning insurance claim, and we will  do our best to succeed in our efforts to get the most out of your policy
  • Expertize in negotiating a satisfactory settlement with your insurance company
  • We handle all the aspects of winning your insurance claim: appraising, detailing, documenting, preparing, submitting, negotiating and renegotiating your claim, so that you can concentrate on repairing the damage and regaining your old lifestyle
  • Maximum recovery – we collect the highest amount of money possible from your insurer, so that you can repair the plumbing leak damage suffered
  • No win, no fee – if your claim is not settled, we will not collect any fees

We represent policy holders, helping them get the best possible settlement for their insurance claim. Contact Equitable Public Adjusters, and allow us to take care of all the details of your claim. With us, you can rest assured you will get the maximum amount to repair the plumbing leak damage suffered by your residential or commercial property!