According to the Southeast Regional Climate Center’s , approximately 49 tornadoes touchdown in Florida each year. Some of them take place in South Florida’s Dixie Alley. Although they can occur at any time, many of those climatic events tend to occur in the late fall and winter. When they do, they can cause major damage. For proof, just take a look at the tornado damage statistics. Nationwide, the estimated in 2012 was slightly over $1,649 million.

So what should a South Florida property owner do in aftermath of a damaging tornado? We’d like to suggest contacting a public adjuster in South Florida. A  can assist property owners in filing their insurance claims. Such assistance can be beneficial for several reasons. To begin with, South Florida insurance policies can vary greatly on how tornado damage is handled. For example, some may cover additional living expenses, replacement of personal belongings and rebuilding. Other insurance policies may not cover all of those things.

A public adjuster in South Florida can help property owners wade through all of the paperwork and determine what coverage exists and how best to file the claim. He or she can also assist in the appraisal process to make sure that the insurance company’s adjuster doesn’t minimize the total amount of damages that may be due to the property owner.

In addition, even if a South Florida property owner has already settled a tornado related claim, a public adjuster can help. He or she can review the claim for accuracy. Should the review indicate that the property owner was not properly reimbursed, a public adjuster in South Florida can assist with reopening the claim.

Those are simply a handful of the advantages of working with a . To learn additional ways that they may be of assistance, . We may be reached by calling 1-877-869-8989 or through the Equitable Public Adjusters & Appraisers’ website.