Contact Equitable Public Adjusters – We Help You Collect the Money You Need to Cover Lightning Damage

The costs to cover lightning damage might be higher than you could have ever imagined. The power of lightning is enough to turn a property into ashes and cause electrical surges that short out all your expensive home appliances. The good news is that most insurance policies cover the damage caused directly or indirectly by lightning. The bad news is that your insurance company will undervalue your loss and offer a shockingly small amount to repair the damage caused. To get what you deserve, contact our excellent public adjusters!

Equitable Public Adjusters is ready to help you collect what is rightfully yours. We will use our knowledge and experience to present your claim and negotiate the best possible settlement with your insurance company, so that you can enjoy receiving a satisfactory amount of money to repair all damages.

You can get more than what your insurer offers. Hire us and you will receive the highest amount of money for your claim!

The benefits of working with Equitable Public Adjusters

  • Expert help in the negotiations with your insurer – filing a claim to cover for lightning damage is a complex process. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to make this process simpler and successful. We have over 50 years of experience in helping clients win their insurance claims, and we will use this vast experience to protect your best interests during the negotiations with your insurance company.
  • Accurate estimation of your loss – your insurance company’s adjusters will surely make lower estimations of the damage caused and offer significantly less money than you need. Our public adjusters are skilled and objective assessors, so they will correctly evaluate the property damage so that you can receive fair amounts of money to cover the costs of repairs. Remember that we are on your side, and we are committed to collecting the exact amount of money you have the right to receive!
  • No win, no fee – a winning insurance claim is our promise to you. Our reliable public adjusters will do their best to help you win your insurance claim and get enough money to repair lightning damage. If we don’t collect, you don’t have to pay us.

Contact Equitable Public Adjusters now! We are dedicated to helping all our clients collect the money they deserve from their insurance company. Allow us to handle the negotiations with your insurer on your behalf, so that you can enjoy maximum settlements to cover for lightning damage.