Get The Most from Your Insurance Policy to Cover Flood Damage – Contact Equitable Public Adjusters!

If your property suffered significant flood damage after a big storm, you are probably very worried that you will be unable to pay for the repairs and cover the loss. After the trauma you have suffered, you face another challenge when trying to negotiate with your insurer – preparing the documentation, estimating the losses and filing a claim take time and effort, and all this might not pay off when you see how small the amount your insurance company agrees to offer is.

Your insurer will try to minimize the settlement, offering much lower amounts than you should receive. You need experienced help to negotiate a satisfactory settlement – choose Equitable Public Adjusters! Our public adjusters have more than 50 years of experience in representing policy holders in Palm Beach County and all of Florida. We have the knowledge and skill to argument your claim and help you get the highest amount of money from your insurance company to cover flood damage.

Here are just 5 reasons why you should choose our outstanding public adjusters:

  1. Hiring us means having the help of an experienced professional that is motivated to protect your personal interests in the fight with the insurance company
  2. We have helped numerous other policy holders get maximum settlements to cover for water damage, so we know exactly what it takes to win an insurance claim
  3. You will not have to struggle to prepare your insurance claim documentation, because our public adjusters will prepare and submit the necessary documents for you, making sure all standards are followed and the insurance company has nothing to comment about your claim
  4. We will evaluate the flood damage accurately and bring evidence to argument your demand, in order to prevent your insurer from offering lower sums of money than you deserve
  5. If you have already received money from your insurer, but you should have been given more, we will collect the additional money, making sure you get the most out of your policy!

Equitable Public Adjusters is on your side in the battle with your insurance company. We will make sure your claim wins and you get maximum settlement, or else we will not charge you! Contact our reliable public adjusters now, and we will aggressively defend your rights and help you receive the highest amount of money possible from your insurance company, so that you can cover the flood damage and start anew!