Your  could be the only person on your side in your fight against insurance companies. Even if it seems like a clear cut case where the damage is obvious, you can never be too sure. Here are some reasons to consider obtaining the expertise of a professional to fight for you.

1. Insurance claims are complex

Many policies carry numerous stipulations, provisions, and riders that you may not know about as the policyholder. There are also even more details about your requirements when a loss happens. Not only that, policies are dynamic and constantly changing. You public adjuster is trained to know the ins and outs of insurance policies, and has experience negotiating with companies.

2. They will communicate with the insurance company

Your public adjuster will be your intermediary to the insurance company and is able to execute the job more efficiently. Public adjusters undergo the same level of training and as insurance claims adjusters. Your adjuster will be able to accurately prepare inventories and estimates of your loss. They will also be able to make sure that all of the appropriate information is present so there aren’t grounds for a denial.

3. Your adjuster can get you a larger settlement

Even in the event of a settlement with an insurance company, your adjuster can go back over the case and net you more money. In most cases the amount is than it was originally.

4. Your adjuster gets paid when you do

A public adjuster in Long Island will fight hard for your case, and not get paid until you get your settlement. You can guarantee that your adjuster is dedicated to getting you the largest possible settlement under the circumstances.

The insurance company has their team of adjusters, don’t try to fight them alone.  and get a professional on your side.