One of the areas that most public adjusters specialize in is filing an insurance claim for roof damage. Extreme weather events are more and more frequent nowadays, causing severe, extensive damage to roofs, gutters and sidings, and forcing homeowners to commence difficult, lengthy and stressful procedures of filing insurance claims.

While one of the ways to prepare and file these claims is to do all the paperwork yourself and then conduct the negotiations with your insurer on your own, turning to professional help can save you from a lot of stress and can facilitate the process of obtaining the compensation, too.

If you decide to hire a public adjuster to represent you during the entire process of filing an insurance claim for roof damage, here is a list of what he will be able to do for you:

  • He will document you case and will obtain accurate estimates of the repair costs from reputable, dependable contractors.
  • He will prepare your case file so that it complies with existing legislation and other requirement regarding the form of your application. Licensed and qualified public adjusters are familiar with all the laws applicable in the field of damage claims, and they will compile your file to the best of their knowledge.
  • He will provide you with full representation during the negotiations with your insurer: he will handle the necessary phone calls for you, he will meet the insurer’s adjuster and he will take care of the communication with your bank as well.

Most adjusters’ fees are calculated based on the final amount of compensation you receive from your insurer. This also means that you won’t pay anything for their services until your claim is approved and you receive the money.

So, if you need help with , hiring a public adjuster can only be to your advantage.