Even though most New Jersey companies and residents are interested in hiring a New Jersey public adjuster to help them with their claims, many are at a loss when it comes to what type of adjuster they truly need and why they would require such services.

Types of Adjusters

There are three basic types of adjusters you could hire, based on the approach and intention he may have:

  • Staff adjuster: This adjuster is hired by the insurance company itself, and in most cases has its best interest in mind instead of the policyholder’s.
  • Independent adjusters work for more than one insurance company, and are usually contracted during natural calamities – such as the hurricane that hit New Jersey last year – since there aren’t enough staff adjusters to take care of all the clients.
  • Public adjuster: These adjusters work for the public instead of any insurance companies, and are paid through percentages of the additional payouts they are able to secure for their clients. As a result, it is in their best interest to help the policyholder get as much compensation as possible.

Why Would a New Jersey Public Adjuster Be Your Best Choice?

Aside from the fact that they only get paid in the event that your claim is not rejected, hiring a public adjuster from New Jersey has a few other advantages.

Most of the best adjusters have more than 20 years of experience working in the New Jersey area and studying the law as applied throughout the state. Furthermore, they are well-acquainted with many of the major insurance companies, and they have won cases against them in the past.

Finally, a highly experienced has likely worked on cases similar or even identical to yours, and as a result, he knows the paperwork that needs to be filed, the subtle details that have to be addressed and the timing required for each stage of the process in order to help you achieve the highest possible compensation.