Roof leaks can cause extensive, often devastating damages to homes, corporate and industrial properties alike, and the best and easiest way to handle the lengthy process of filing a roof leak insurance claim is by hiring licensed and qualified professionals.

Filing a successful roof leak insurance claim is tedious and difficult, even if the damages caused by leaks are included in your insurance policy:

  • The first thing to do if your roof is damaged by a leak is to document the damage. You must take multiple photos of the damage immediately after you notice it. Make sure you take photos from the inside and the outside as well to be able to back your claim with evidence.
  • Repair cost estimates should also be included in you claim file, so the next step is to find an independent third-party contractor to evaluate the damage in terms of costs and issue an estimate (many contractors offer free estimates in hope that you will hire them to perform the repairs as well).
  • Contact the representative of your insurer to find out how to file your claim.
  • Submit your claim, then start the negotiations with the adjuster sent by your insurer.
  • Wait until the insurer processes your claim and communicates the final sum of your compensation.

As you see, claiming compensation for the roofing damage caused by leaks is complex and often very tedious. However, if you turn to the services of licensed and experienced public adjusters, they can help you with each and every phase of the process: they can put together your case file so as to comply with the applicable law, they can negotiate with your insurer to maximize compensation and they can speed up the entire process of damage compensation for you.

Another advantage of working with reputable public adjusters is that their fees usually become payable only after they obtained the compensation for you, so you needn’t worry about high professional fees, and you can focus on getting the repairs done sooner than you would imagine. So, hire a professional if you need to file a , as you have nothing to lose – on the contrary.