Without the help of a public adjuster, New York citizens risk receiving smaller insurance claim payments.  Unfortunately, many citizens who file insurance claims after their property has been destroyed or damaged do not know how to prepare and present their insurance claim, which leads to winning minimum amounts from the insurance company. Most of the times, the insurance company will do its best to maximize its profits, causing the policy holder to experience impressive losses. This situation can be avoided if the policy holders hire a professional public adjuster to represent them during the negotiations with the insurance company.

Public Adjuster New YorkWhat does a public adjuster do?

A pubic adjuster’s job is to represent the insured and protect their interests against a loss with the insurance company. By hiring a public adjuster, New York insurance policy holders can receive more satisfactory settlements with their insurance company. Their public adjuster will help them with the details of the insurance claim and negotiate a better settlement.

The work of a public adjuster includes the investigation, analysis and evaluation of the damages, the preparation and presentation of the insurance claim, the gathering of the data that supports the claim, the calculation of the costs of the necessary repairs or replacements, and the review of the insurance policy coverage. The purpose of the job of every public adjuster is to maximize the payment received after filing the insurance claim.

Public adjusters work on insurance claims that involve damage or loss of property, like homes, business offices or public buildings. If your house has been damaged in a fire, or other type of disaster, hiring a public adjuster could lead to enjoying more rightful settlements.

Why hire a public adjuster?

With the help of a public adjuster, New York citizens will be able to file winning insurance claims. A public adjuster is an expert in insurance, and can help his clients with all the aspects of filing an insurance claim. Insurance policies are usually very complicated and, unfortunately, benefit the insurance company, not the policy holder. Without the knowledge and experience of a public adjuster, New York insurance policy holders have small chances of filing an insurance claim and receiving proper settlements.

Policy holders rarely know exactly what their insurance policy covers and what the steps they must follow in order to file a claim and win against the insurance company are. Furthermore, the negotiations with the insurance company can be very lengthy and exhausting, and not all policy holders have enough time or patience to dedicate to this problem. A public adjuster can handle everything filing a claim implies, while the clients can go on with their lives and jobs, knowing that their best interests are well protected.

All in all, when represented by a public adjuster, New York insurance policy holders can receive considerably higher amounts of money from the insurance company than if filing the claim on their own.

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