Even those who are set on hiring New York public adjusters are often unaware of the detailed and complex strategies used by some insurance companies to delay or avoid altogether their responsibilities of providing the necessary compensation to policyholders.

How Insurance Companies Avoid Payout Responsibilities

New York has been one of the cities that were most affected by the recent calamities caused by hurricane Sandy. As a result, many of the city’s residents and businesses filed their claims in order to receive their legally due payouts.

The rejections presented by insurance went viral on the internet, one of the most famous cases being that of the flooded Con Ed substation on E. 14th street. The insurance claim was swiftly rejected by the insurer on the grounds that it didn’t qualify as a business interruption.

According to New York public adjuster firms, insurance providers often use strategies based on delay and denial of responsibility, either coming up with various “abstract” reasons why a person or company’s insurance policy may not be valid or claiming that only part of the loss can be covered.

New York Public Adjusters on the Case

The main advice given by public adjusters, especially in the case of a large natural disaster like Sandy, is to not give up. In many cases, there is a lot that can be done, especially with an experienced public adjuster at your site who can offer valid legal advice on how to deal with each situation.

A competent adjuster will first of all perform a complete adjuster estimate, and then try to solve the issue by discussing it with the insurer and asking for copies of the underwriting file to find out exactly how they came up with the payout they intend to offer – if any.

New York public adjusters are known for their experience, resourcefulness and aggressive attitude when it comes to representing their clients and coming up with ingenious solutions to counter even the most complicated claim rejections.