You know the importance of a . After all, this is a state that has massive rainstorms and hurricanes almost as often as the temperature drops below 70 degrees. Most everyone here has dealt with some form of damage that caused you to involve an insurance company. However, you need to be careful about who you hire as your public adjuster.

In Tallahassee on May 13th Derek Shawn Kellog, Corey Jermaine Brownlee, and Shawn McCaslin were arrested for posing as  without a license. This trio was preying on people and telling them they needed expensive roofing repairs at “no out of pocket cost” to the homeowner. They even went so far as to submit a claim to an insurance company on a homeowner’s behalf.

These employees of Roofmasters Inc. presented themselves as “insurance specialists,” a dubious claim that has no real backing. Licensed  have to complete schooling, an apprenticeship, a test, and then become registered and licensed in the state. These qualifications are in place to make sure that only people with experience, expertise, and professionialism are able to lobby on your behalf.

The licensing process also ensures that the people representing you are held to a standard of ethics. Kellog, Brownlee, and McKaslin are facing up to 5 years in prison if they are found guilty.

A licensed adjuster is able to match wits with the claims adjusters hired by insurance companies. In most cases, they are able to recover a settlement that is than you would otherwise get.

If someone is presenting themselves as an adjuster, it is always best to do a to make sure.

At Equitable Public Adjusters, we are licensed, experienced, and dedicated to getting you the most for your damages.  today.