Many people don’t know what a public adjuster is and how it applies to them. A public adjuster is an expert in the filing of insurance claims.  If you have ever found yourself in a situation whether it was a car accident, a burst pipe in your home, or a , a public adjuster is trained to help you. Our is skilled at inventorying the damage that has been incurred and giving you an honest appraisal of what should be recovered from the insurance company.

We all know that insurance companies have their own agendas and people on their payroll who will devalue your claim. A public adjuster will fight for you and make sure you are given every penny you are entitled to. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the hiring of a public adjuster, so here are the facts.

1. Public adjusters don’t get paid unless you recover money.

Don’t be dissuaded if you cannot cover the bill up front. A public adjuster is able to work like an attorney and recover their fees from the claim settlement. If your claim is argued and denied, you aren’t out any money.

2. Your adjuster can recover substantially more

When the insurance companies do their appraisal, it is for one reason: to make sure they don’t have to pay you the full amount. A qualified and experienced public adjuster is able to accurately find out the cost of repairing obvious damage, and locating evidence of not obvious damages. These can include structural damages and mold or anything else that you might not even know about. This turns into a .

3. Your adjuster knows how much repairs really cost

Knowledge is power, and your public adjuster in New York has it in spades. Adjusters are constantly keeping up on the cost of different repairs and are able to accurately assess any repairs that may need to be made.

4. It doesn’t matter if you have settled

If you have already settled with the insurance company, don’t worry. We might still be able to increase your recovery and make sure that you get what you have paid for.

today and we will make sure that you come out a winner in your case.