are advocates on your behalf. If you find yourself filing a claim with an insurance company alone, you could find yourself in for a long and complicated fight. Making sure you have a public adjuster on your side can help you in quite a few ways.

1. They will protect your rights

A public adjuster is trained in the same way as insurance claims adjusters. The only difference is that the insurance adjusters are hired to reduce the amount the company has to pay out. Your public adjuster is fighting for your side. Having somebody on your side who knows everything about the ins and outs of insurance claims is invaluable.

2. They will inspect your insurance policy

Most insurance policies are layered with fine print and legalese that you would have to be a professional to decipher. Your claims adjuster will be able to get an idea of exactly what is covered, and find out the coverage limits.

3. They will do the paperwork

Your public adjuster will do an independent investigation of whatever the claim is for. Whether it is for a superstorm like Sandy, or a burst pipe in the house.Then they will package the claim and forward it to the insurance company. The amount of knowledge your adjuster has will make sure that the information the companies are looking for are addressed and not used as grounds for denial.

4. They will negotiate on your behalf

Because your claims adjuster doesn’t get paid unless you do, they will work for speedy negotiations with the insurance company and even legally represent you. Public adjusters want you to get the highest possible payout.

5. They will make future recommendations

After settling on your behalf, your public adjuster can provide you with advice on how to cover yourself in the future. They will work to make sure you are protected for any future damages.

6. They will re-investigate settled claims

A public adjuster can also able to refile on your behalf if down the road additional damages are identified. Even if you have a claim that is settled, search for a licensed public adjuster in Nassau County .

We will fight for your rights to make sure you get what you deserve. today.