Filing insurance claims in Florida can be a difficult, time consuming, tedious and often overwhelming task: if your property has suffered any damage, you will need to take care of extensive paperwork and to engage into negotiations with your insurer, and these are all complex processes that are best handled by a Florida public adjuster.

Many people who suffer some kind of major property loss try to handle insurance claims on their own, but you must be aware that hiring experienced, knowledgeable public adjusters who serve Florida can make all the difference between a rejected and an approved claim, between a settlement that barely covers your expenses and one that gives you the maximum compensation to be able to get the necessary repairs done just the way you want.

What are the areas where a professional Florida public adjuster can assist you?

  • They can help you understand how the process of submitting claims and obtaining compensation works.
  • They can compile your case file and handle all the related tasks like obtaining documents to justify your claim and handling the necessary phone calls.
  • They can complete detailed, accurate and properly formulated estimates regarding the costs of rebuilding your damaged property.
  • They can handle the negotiation of the adjuster delegated by your insurer to obtain the best possible settlement for you.
  • They can work with your bank and your contractor as well, to make sure the reconstruction process goes down just the way it should.

If your private or business property has suffered any damage that is covered by your insurance policy, do not waste your time handling the case on your own – get expert help. Filing an insurance claim and getting the compensation that you deserve are best handled by an experienced .