It seems that more and more people nowadays are wondering: “Does insurance cover roof leaks?” The damage caused by leaking roofs can be not only extensive, but also extremely costly to remedy, and the claims regarding such compensations are very often rejected by insurers due to the improper interpretation of the insurance policy or due to procedural errors – an issue that is easy to avoid if you allow a professional to handle your claim.

In Which Cases Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Interpreting insurance policies can be complicated from the very beginning.
Most policies do cover the roof damages caused by leaks, but the extent of the coverage included varies from policy to policy, from insurer to insurer:

  • Certain policies take into consideration the age of the damaged roofing at the time the damage occurred and will award the owner of the property the full amount necessary for the repair if the roof is ten years old or younger.
  • Other policies will award reimbursement only for the depreciated value of your roofing, which means that the value of the roof will be determined by deducing the value of normal wear and aging from the total value.
  • There are policies that offer compensation for replacing the damaged part of your roof regardless of the age of the roofing.

Whatever the content of your insurance policy, a professional public adjuster can help you not only to interpret your home insurance policy, but also to obtain the compensation you are entitled to by the policy you are carrying.

If roof damage occurs, there are certain steps that homeowners need to cover, independent of the amount of compensation they are entitled to: they need to have the repair costs estimated; get their case file submitted, then they must negotiate with the insurer’s adjuster. So, stop wondering “” and get to action: contact a professional public adjuster and let him handle everything for you.