Insurance AgentThe role of adjuster and attorney, where it comes to insurance claims, is often unclear to insured individuals. When disaster occurs, both an attorney and an adjuster have important roles to play. Often, the Florida public adjuster and the attorney will work as a team to help their mutual client.

The Adjuster

The adjuster is responsible for doing all of the administrative work associated with a damage case. Not only do they conduct an inventory of lost and damaged items, but they also prepare estimates and negotiate settlements. The public adjuster has a high level of expertise that can be invested into the claims of their clients, to get them the highest possible settlement.  The victim of a natural disaster will already have enough to deal with, without also worrying about a claim settlement. The public adjuster’s specialized knowledge can be of great benefit to an insured individual during this time. Additionally, the cost of an adjuster can often be far less than that of an attorney.

There can be a lot of jargon associated with legal representation. This is another area where a public adjuster can come in handy, as they can translate legal language into layman’s terms for easy understanding.

The Attorney

The attorney is often brought into a situation when a settlement amount is unable to be agreed upon. This professional is also required where it is suspected that the legal rights of an insured party have been breached. The attorney’s expertise can ensure that their client’s rights and interests are protected. But in order to have a well-rounded case, an attorney must have all of the necessary information. This requires getting in touch with the adjuster, as the latter can provide the evidence necessary to back up the information that the attorney presents to the judge. The attorney not only deals with current damage cases, but can also reopen past cases if discrepancies have been discovered.

Legal Representation for Less Money

Many times, a client is unable to afford the fees associated with legal representation. Attorneys are aware of this, and so offer consultations at no cost to the client. As well, many attorneys may agree to work with an insured individual on a contingency basis. This means that if the case results in no settlement amount from the insurance company, the insured is not charged any fees for the costs or services of their attorney. Some cases see the individual’s insurance company being responsible for the costs and fees of an attorney.

Getting a Return on Your Investment

Investigations by the state of Florida into the cost of public adjusters revealed some impressive numbers. It was discovered that those who hired an adjuster to conduct property damage assessments and complete claim work received about 17% more on their settlements than those who used the adjuster from the insurance company.

Having someone on your side who knows how insurance claims work can both get you a larger settlement and keep your insurance company honest.