Reopening Your Home Insurance Claim

Reopening Your Home Insurance Claim If you filed an insurance claim for damage to your home and property, you may have inadvertently missed listing some damage or a few items. This is a common occurrence, and thankfully, Florida law understands. In this state, residents can Read More →

Why Your Settlement Check Should Be Used For Repairs

Why Your Settlement Check Should Be Used For Repairs It may seem like an age since you started your insurance claim process to get reimbursement from your insurance company. But now that you finally have the money, is that ceiling stain so bad? Do the damaged boards on your Read More →

Lightning Damage Claims and Your Insurance Company

Lightning Damage Claims and Your Insurance Company Lightning may not seem like an occurrence that should take priority where your homeowners’ insurance is concerned.  But it is actually something that warrants serious consideration. This is because the damage caused by lightning strikes can be significant. Not only Read More →

Understanding the Difference Between Non-Renewal and Cancellation

If you have ever received a letter from your insurance company stating that they will not renew your coverage, you probably assumed that your coverage had been cancelled. However, this is not the case. Non-renewal and cancellation are actually two Read More →

A Few Ways to Address Your Roof Damage Now

A Few Ways to Address Your Roof Damage Now You may have spent hours ensuring that your yard is immaculately manicured and your home refreshed with new paint every few years. But when was the last time you checked your roof for damage? Anything can cause your roof to Read More →

The Hurricane Deductible: How It All Works

The Hurricane Deductible: How It All Works Most Florida public adjusters will not forget Hurricane Andrew. This storm changed the way the insurance industry did business, causing them to re-evaluate their existing coverage. After Andrew hit, hurricane deductibles were based on percentages. Florida’s state law regulates hurricane Read More →
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“Sherry and I were most delighted to have the opportunity to work with you. We appreciate your knowledge, work ethic, demeanor and support throughout this very long process. Should other circumstances arise, we will be sure to contact you.”
— Sherry and George, Boynton Beach, FL


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“From the 1st phone call to my insurance company I new it was going to be an issue… The adjuster would never return my calls, I had three different adjusters in four weeks..? I called Equitable and the same day they were at my house and took over.. Not only did they get me the money I needed, but they called every week or so to update me on what was going on.. You don’t see that in South Florida!”
— Larry and Wanda, Boynton Beach, Florida


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“I reported my claim as my policy told me to. An adjuster was out and ensured me a check would be on it’s way in a few weeks.. I was still fighting with my insurance company months later. We ended up at Mediation. I called Equitable and Lenny took over from there. In two weeks we had an offer on the table, a check in the mail and the roofers are replacing my roof as I type this… Wow, that’s service..”
— Regina, Plantation, Florida