Thinking About Getting HO-8 Coverage? Read this First

Thinking About Getting HO-8 Coverage? Read this First One of the most basic – and most affordable – home insurance policies is the HO-8. Generally, homeowners purchase this type of coverage for one of two reasons: they are either unable to get a different policy or they want Read More →

What Should You Be Looking for in a Public Adjuster?

What Should You Be Looking for in a Public Adjuster? When looking for a public adjuster (PA) to handle your damage claim, there can be many unknowns as well as several misconceptions. Those that have endured a loss of property may wonder whether they are receiving service that is in Read More →

The Best Time to Hire a Florida Adjuster

Some homeowners who have experienced a significant loss of property often put off calling a public adjuster, because they want to see what their insurance company will offer them first. While this may seem logical, it can actually result in Read More →

Have You Experienced Water Damage? Here’s What to Do

Have You Experienced Water Damage? Here’s What to Do Many homeowners experience water damage following floods, storms or burst water pipes. Of course, taking stock of all of the damage, getting help from your insurance adjuster are good things to do. But what about the time between the occurrence Read More →

Sinkhole Coverage – Essential, or Not?

Sinkhole Coverage – Essential, or Not? Many insurance adjusters in Florida sing praises to sinkhole coverage. As many who live in this state know, sinkholes are to be expected now more than ever. In the southwestern part of the state, they have been named as a Read More →

The Additional Living Expense or ALE

The Additional Living Expense or ALE The additional living expense is something that is explained in residential insurance policies. Also known as ALE, this amount will be used to reimburse you in the event that you incur expenses over and above those of normal living due to Read More →
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“Sherry and I were most delighted to have the opportunity to work with you. We appreciate your knowledge, work ethic, demeanor and support throughout this very long process. Should other circumstances arise, we will be sure to contact you.”
— Sherry and George, Boynton Beach, FL


Customer Review


“From the 1st phone call to my insurance company I new it was going to be an issue… The adjuster would never return my calls, I had three different adjusters in four weeks..? I called Equitable and the same day they were at my house and took over.. Not only did they get me the money I needed, but they called every week or so to update me on what was going on.. You don’t see that in South Florida!”
— Larry and Wanda, Boynton Beach, Florida


Customer Review


“I reported my claim as my policy told me to. An adjuster was out and ensured me a check would be on it’s way in a few weeks.. I was still fighting with my insurance company months later. We ended up at Mediation. I called Equitable and Lenny took over from there. In two weeks we had an offer on the table, a check in the mail and the roofers are replacing my roof as I type this… Wow, that’s service..”
— Regina, Plantation, Florida