As public adjusters in Florida, we tend to frequently find ourselves involved in discussions about plumbing disasters and water related insurance claims. One of the issues that tend to crop up often in the Sunshine State is cold water pipe condensation.

Cold water pipe condensation is actually a common problem in many areas around the world. Considered to be a natural occurrence, it tends to take place most often in commercial, industrial and residential applications that utilize copper and cast-iron pipes. It is caused when the air temperature around the pipe dips below the dew point.

When that happens, the water vapor that is inherent in the air turns to a liquid state and appears onto the cold water pipe’s surface. If left like that, the water can transfer to other areas and create problems. The list of problems includes the formation of rot, mold and mildew as well as the exacerbation of heat gain and insect infestation.

On a high note, cold water condensation problems are not insurmountable. They can be prevented with the use of rockwool sectional pipe insulation. It has several things going for it including a 150mm thickness, great hydrophobicity and an inherent ability to resist both fungi growth and unwanted wildlife.

To fix the problem, the rockwool sectional pipe insulation traditionally gets fitted around the cold water piping. Once it is in place, the rockwool sectional pipe insulation’s natural thickness helps to keep the surrounding air temperature from falling below the dew point. Thus, condensation is less apt to form on the pipes.

The pipe insulation is also often used in conjunction with other methods designed to decrease cold water condensation. The list of corrective methods includes using a dehumidifier, digital humidity gauge and a box fan to keep the area’s humidity level at 55% or lower. Some people may choose to coat the surrounding areas with a waterproofing substance, install heating elements and add additional ventilation as well.

If a building’s cold water condensation problem is discovered after the damage has already occurred, our public adjusters in Florida can assist property owners with filing an appropriate claim amount. It’s important that care is taken in coming up with the amount because cold water condensation related damage is not always visible to the naked eye.

To learn more about how we can help resolve cold water condensation related claims with Florida insurance companies, please contact our public adjusters. Our public adjusters in Florida may be reached through the Equitable Public Adjuster’s website chat feature or by calling (877) 869-8989.