Public claims adjusters are companies hired by property owners to handle their insurance claims in the case of property damage. These companies can help you formulate your insurance claim the right way, they can collect all the documents necessary for justifying your claim and they can conduct the negotiation with your insurer, so they can handle all aspects of your insurance case, but only if you choose your adjuster right.

The insurance industry being as large as it is, there are numerous companies that handle insurance claims on behalf of property owners, so it is absolutely essential to check on the company you are planning to hire. Here is our list about what to look for while looking for a dependable, experienced public adjuster:

  • To be able to operate legally, public claims adjusters are required to obtain a license from the state they are registered in. While in the process of looking for the right public adjuster, you can conduct a license search on the internet to find out if the adjusters you are planning to use are really as qualified as they say they are.
  • Check references to see if your adjusters have the right experience. Different adjuster companies specialize in different types of insurance claims. Some of them focus more on weather-related damage, like the losses caused by hurricanes, winds, fires and damage caused by mold or plumbing leaks, while other companies specialize in car insurance or other types of claims.
  • Before your adjusters start acting on your behalf, you will need to sign a contract with them. Take your time to read your contract to the smallest print and don’t hesitate to ask questions if something in the contract is not clear – reputable adjusters will happily answer all those questions because they have nothing to hide.

Having a team of qualified public claims adjusters by your side during the whole process is the key to obtaining the right amount of compensation – your insurer will send their best adjusters to negotiate your claim, and so should you.