Florida residents often choose not to turn to the services of Florida public adjusters for a variety of reasons. Whether they are afraid of having to pay more money for nothing while still in a difficult financial situation or they believe that the odds are against them, these ideas are simply “myths” that keep many policyholders from receiving their rightful compensations.

Success Rates

One of the most widespread misconceptions is that public adjusters are rarely able to secure a sufficient amount over the one initially provided by the insurer.

While this happens, for example, if the home was completely destroyed and a valid evaluation of the full damage is almost impossible, many adjuster companies claim that there are numerous variables involved that may easily have been overlooked, and a highly experienced legal practitioner can almost always achieve better results.

Can Florida Public Adjusters Help You if the File Is Closed?

If the policyholder was already paid a certain amount and the company informed them that the file has been closed, there is a tendency of losing hope that a better settlement can be achieved.

Although this is true in some states, Florida law generally allows a period of up to 5 years during which you can file for an additional claim in case you believe that you’d deserve a larger amount.

Payment Considerations

Finally, the most asked question: why hire a public adjuster if there’s a chance that the case won’t be won, and you’d still have to pay for the service?

You actually don’t have to pay a public adjuster until money is collected from the insurance provider. Very few adjuster firms ask for upfront payment, and many actually spend their own money dealing with the case until a positive result is reached.

If you believe you can’t get a better settlement on your claim, it may be best to address a few of the most reputable and compare their responses to your questions – should a clear chance exist, most of them should agree on the advice they give you.