After you file a claim with your homeowners insurance carrier, does it feel like it’s just you against a big corporation? That’s exactly what it is. The claims adjuster who comes out to investigate your fire, burglary or other property claim is usually a representative of a big financial conglomerate. A claims adjuster looks out for his corporate bosses, shouldn’t you have a  looking out for you?

Isn’t the insurance company on your side?

Of course insurance companies don’t market themselves as big corporate conglomerates. They talk about putting your family in “good” hands. They tell you it’s okay to be “human.” They say that they are “on your side.”

Insurance company songs and slogans convince you to hand over your premium dollars; but all that feel-good marketing is long gone by the time a big loss takes your family by surprise. That’s when you get a dose of big insurance company reality. That’s when you find out that there are two sides– yours and theirs.

That means you are on your own

After your home and personal property sustain unexpected damage you begin to see things clearly– you are the insured and they are the insurance company. They run things and you fall in line. Insurance company adjusters show up on their schedule. They tell you what to do with your property and personal belongings. You must put your life on hold while they decide what to do.

Insurance company adjusters toss out information on deductibles, coinsurance clauses, policy limits, and formulas for calculating your damages. Even if you’re a savvy policyholder, you may realize that you don’t know as much about insurance claims as you thought you did. It’s a bad time to be alone.

You Don’t Have to Handle it Alone

Organizations like  have informative websites to help insurance consumers through those post crisis days. They offer a library of articles that cover many critical topics. That can make you feel a little better, but wouldn’t you feel less stressed if you had your public adjuster waiting with you when the insurance claims adjuster arrives?

Public Adjusters are There for You

Public adjusters follow a code of ethics approved by the  They have claim backgrounds and insurance company claims training. They know how to work with insurance companies because they speak the same language.

Your public adjuster will report your claim to your homeowners carrier if you need him to. Once the insurance company is involved, your adjuster will make sure that the insurance company adjuster doesn’t walk all over you in his quest to satisfy his bosses.

You adjuster will do what insurance companies do, except he will do it just for you. He’ll review your policy, analyze your coverage, examine and estimate the repair costs of your property damage, help you with emergency measures, and walk you through any coverage issues. He will make sure the insurance company pays you what’s fair.

How Much Does a Public Adjuster Cost?

The beauty of hiring a public adjuster is that they only get paid if you get paid. Public adjusters receive a fee that’s based on the money they recover for you. That means you get to be the boss, but there’s no financial risk.

 for more information on public adjusters and what they can do for you.