Repair Hurricane Damage – Enjoy Maximum Settlement from Your Insurer by Choosing Equitable Public Adjusters!

Hurricane damage to a house or commercial property in West Palm Beach, Florida can be very extensive and can require huge costs for repairs and replacement. Many times, insurance companies refuse to offer equitable settlements to cover the damage your property has suffered after it has been hit by a hurricane. Adding the trauma of losing your property and to the anxiety and fear brought by the unforgiving nature, you find yourself defenseless in front of the adjusters from your insurance company who argue that only one third of the money your contractors have asked for repairs is more than enough.

Don’t allow your insurance company to offer you less than you are entitled to receive!

We are here to help. Hire one of our experienced public adjusters!

Here are the benefits you can enjoy by choosing Equitable Public Adjusters:

  • Our skilled adjusters will represent your best interests during the negotiations with your insurance company so that you can receive appropriate money to cover hurricane damage.
  • Our company has more than 50 years of experience in handling individual and commercial insurance claims and helping policy holders receive maximum amounts of money from their insurers
  • We serve a wide area – covering the Palm Beach County area and our adjusters are ready to help you win your claim
  • We know all about the complexities of submitting the necessary documents when filing an insurance claim, so we will help you prepare all the documentation correctly and in a short amount of time
  • We will accurately estimate the hurricane damage your property has suffered, so that you can enjoy sufficient amounts of money to cover your loss and go on with your normal life
  • We will handle all the aspects of negotiating your claim, so that you can concentrate on other important aspects of your life
  • No win, no fee! You have nothing to lose if you hire our excellent public adjusters, because we do not ask any money for the services offered unless your insurance claim is accepted and you receive the amount that is rightfully yours!

Whether you want to file a new insurance claim or re-open an old one, our public adjusters will do their best to protect your interests and help you get the most from your insurance policy. Contact Equitable Public Adjusters now, and allow us to fight on your behalf for establishing maximum settlements to cover the existing hurricane damage!